Black Sheep Group Project Management, Business Development and Support Services

Black Sheep Group is a consultancy specialising in Project Management, Business Development and Support Service assignments. We also engage in Sourcing and Procurement on request

The foundation of our business is operations in difficult environments around the world in support of humanitarian, commercial and government clients.

Typically that means post conflict or emergency locations where infrastructure has been crippled, lines of communication are confused, and security is uncertain.

Re-establishing systems, links and solving unusual problems in these difficult situations are challenges that Black Sheep Group thrive on.

A summary of the services we provide can be found here. If you would like our assistance or more information then please contact us

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Syria resolution set for UN vote

The UN General Assembly is set to vote on a resolution condemning the Security Council for failing to act on Syria, in a move seen as largely symbolic.


UN: North Korea 'seeks food aid'

The United Nations says North Korea has requested immediate food aid after floods last month that killed more than 100 people.