Support Services, Capacity Development and Project Management

Black Sheep noun[c]
This metaphor is based on the idea that black sheep were less valuable than white ones because it was more difficult to dye their wool different colours. By the 18th century the term was widely used as it is today...for the odd member of a group

Our choice of name was not an accident, nor is it just another catchy brand to hang our hats on,

...its about attitude.

An attitude that states we are willing to stand out from the flock, operate independently with limited support and still find ways to deliver.

A maverick attitude doesnt mean we compromise in our work. In fact the opposite, we are committed to continuous quality management and systems innovation. Flexibility, adaptability, creativity and integrity are our cornerstones.

Black Sheep Group consultants are all members of a small community of individuals who have proved themselves capable of operating in multi-cultural, diverse situations and harsh environmental conditions in addition to being specialists in their chosen professions

Our people are, without exception, technically qualified and widely experienced in support services and project management

We have been operating in the Middle East/North Africa region since 2009

"Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier"

-- Colin Powell