Support Services, Capacity Development and Project Management

WHO - World Health Organisation, information on diseases and vaccinations needed for most countries. Also up to date statistics on outbreaks and containment policies.

UNMAS - Website of the United Nations Mine Action Service, coordinating and facilitating the removal of land mines and other explosive remnants of war

UNOPS - United Nations Office for Project Services, handling infrastructure, vertical and horizontal contruction projects on behalf of sister UN agencies, Government bodies and NGOs

Lonely Planet - The same people who produce the ubiquitous travel guides. Good background information on visas and travel in countries off the trourist routes

Project Management Institute - Providing resources and benchmarks for professionals in the project management field

Engineering Toolbox - A great resource for field engineering and construction personnel. Includes a set of handy unit conversion tools to save counting sheep.

X Rates - Currency conversions and monitoring tools for expats who travel the world

UTM converter - A handy utility to get UTM GPS coordinates into Google Earth. We maintain this for legacy purposes now, Garmin desktop software can do this seamlessly

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-- Colin Powell